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the new night

Coming this summer. Read the final conclusion in Lauren's journey.

In the explosive conclusion to the Mindful Things series, Lauren and her allies face their greatest challenge in a literal race to save humanity. 

In book two, Lauren was taken by Raefield's accomplices and sent to the past. She is held captive at Raefield's grand estate, where secrets are overheard and half-truths are spoken regarding her former life. With her memory still blocked, Lauren struggles to trust anyone, making her escape more challenging. Yet nagging questions prevail:  Did she and her birth parents do the right thing to prevent Raefield from becoming too powerful? Raefield continues his war to suppress humanity and bring back the rule of witches. Lauren is resolved to defeat Raefield at all costs. Back in the present day, Quinn, with her family and friends, work tirelessly to bring her home. A confrontation erupts and their escape is not without loss.

Chicago remains the epicenter of imminent threats and a great battle is unavoidable. Will Lauren and her allies uncover Raefield's weaknesses and avert his destruction on humankind? Their fate hangs in the balance of a new time.
Cover design by James T. Egan of Bookfly Design
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